Curling Rocks!

No matter what my ex friend, More Than An Electrician, says!

Yes, it’s true, my name is Chris (“Hi, Chris!”) and I’m a curling fan. I know you may find it an odd and, well, let’s just stick with odd sport and you have a point. But there is something utterly compelling about the movement and strategy.

But then look who’s saying that?

I’m not here to convert you, I’m here to show you that curling fans, yes, with their silly hats and chants, are among some of the coolest fans around with some of the best senses of humor.

And here are ten songs about curling to show off those facts.

Always remember we’re out there and we’re plentiful! To quote Bowser And Blue in their awesome song, The Curling Song, more people curl than hock.

And never forget this fact, as pointed out by the great David Letterman, curling is the #1 broom related sport!

But, really, why would you take my word for it? Take this guys.

12 responses to “Curling Rocks!

  1. I want to see curling played as a drinking game. Because you know it would be fucking hysterical to see two guys trying to slide down the ice sweeping like mad when they can barely stand up.

  2. Why do you think half the game is played on your knees and everyone else has something to lean on? I’m telling you, TB, the sport is calling out for a man just like you!

  3. Hey!!!! I was just “borrowing” from the Late Night staff…

  4. Oh, okay, check the post I’ve made a change.

  5. If I wanted to be insulting, I MIGHT bring up tennis being a sport a guy on meth can dominate…kind of like pimping.

  6. Geez, it’s a good thing no one here wanted to be insulting!

  7. Curling. I remember now how I fell asleep.

    I also watched Olympic Ice dancing for men. I think it was men. I couldn’t tell though.

    Oh well. Nice blog here 🙂

    • Well MSNBC just said that the controversy there is that the crowds are too loud. “They need to find some way to make it Zen-like for the 4 seconds that they toss the stone”.


  8. Ina,
    How could you fall asleep with all that yelling?

    “What the hell are you watching? What the hell are they doing? Why are they screaming at that guy trying to clean the ice?”

    Family can be so cruel.

    I don’t know how you couldn’t tell the difference between the men and women in ice dancing. The men were the ones with the mascara running down their cheeks when they lost.

  9. I had the sound turned off 🙂

    Was that mascara, not eyeliner then? Anyway, they should learn to use waterproof.

    Skifalling is a much nicer sport to watch. But some refuse to fall somehow.

  10. Hey, wasn’t curling on The Simpsons recently? Like two weeks ago? I say to each his own. I hate (watching) most sports, but I can see the appeal in all of them.

  11. Yes, it was. Homer and Marge found the joy of curling. It may actually save their marriage.

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