The Water’s Fine

Here’s the place to come for the most up-to-death notices from your pals at Bound & Gags with your host, a ghoul who needs no introduction.

225 responses to “The Water’s Fine

  1. Here’s who we have so far this year:
    Pat Hingle – Actor
    Ron Asheton – Guitarist, The Stooges
    Patrick McGoohan – Actor
    Ricardo Montalban – Actor
    Andrew Wyeth – Painter
    Bob May – Actor, Lost In Space Robot
    John Updike – Writer
    James Whitmore – Actor
    Paul Harvey – Newscaster
    Ron Silver – Actor
    Natasha Richardson – Actress
    Marilyn Chambers – Actress?
    Bea Arthur – Actress
    Dom DeLuise – Actor
    Mickey Carroll – Munchkin
    David Carradine – Actor
    Ed McMahon – Huckster
    Farrah Fawcett – Actress
    Michael Jackson – Singer
    Allen Klein – Crook
    Steve McNair – Athlete
    Oscar Mayer – Trademark
    Gale Storm – Actress
    Billy Mays – Huckster
    Fred Travalena – Comic
    Karl Malden – Actor
    Walter Cronkite – Newcaster

  2. Dallas R. McKennon – Voice of Gumby

    Patrick Farrow – Famous for being Mia’s brother

  3. Frank McCourt – Author of “Angela’s Ashes” (which I’ve always been afraid to read.)

  4. Gidget – Taco Bell Dog
    Brenda Joyce – Jane in FIVE Tarzan movies

  5. Heinz Edelmann – graphic designer and illustrator of Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”

  6. John Dawson – New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Wrote “Panama Red” and co-wrote “Friend of the Devil” with Gerry Garcia.

  7. Taco Bell Dog makes the list but no Jack Kemp or Marlyn Chambers?

    Yo Quiero justice!

  8. Okay, I missed Jack Kemp but Chambers is in the first comment. The omission is totally my fault, technically, because Wendy hadn’t begun listing yet.

  9. Walter Cronkite

  10. already listed, dumb-ass

  11. Hey, hey, hey. It’s never bad to mention them again. That said, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

  12. Vernon Forrest – Former middleweight boxing champ.

    Arturo “The Thunder” Gatti – Two time world champion boxer but may become more famous for being strangled by his wife while on their honeymoon.

    Harry Patch – Last living veteran of WWI

    Alexis Cohen – Famous for two embarrassing auditions for American Idol then ranting about them.

  13. Reggie Flemming – Brawling NHL star, Stanley Cup winner. Played 101 games as a Bruin.

  14. “Last living veteran of WWI ”

    Of course not anymore and a couple of seconds of checking show other opinions.

  15. Harve Presnell, Actor
    Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller, Singer (I Go To Pieces)
    Corazon Aquino, Philippine president
    Steven Miessner, “Keeper of the Oscars”

  16. John Hughes – writer, director, producer

  17. Willy DeVille – Singer/Songwriter

  18. Eunice Kennedy Shriver – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mother-in-law

  19. Les Paul – Guitar hero

  20. John Quade – Actor. You’d know him if you saw him.

  21. Reno 911! – Great show.

  22. Shit! ‘BCN and Reno 911 in the same week? How’s a boy supposed to carry on?

  23. Don Hewitt – 60 Minutes producer

  24. Let’s dig around and see who’s missing:

    Ted Kennedy – Senator
    Robert Novak – TV Talker
    Budd Schulberg – Writer

  25. Dominick Dunne – Author, and my favorite writer in Vanity Fair

  26. Ellie Greenwich – songwriter, co-wrote 17 hit singles including “River Deep, Mountain High” and “Leader of the Pack”

  27. DJ AM – DJ, sometime actor, former member of the band Crazy Town

    Alex Grass – Founder of Rite Aid drugstore chain

  28. Sheila Lukins – Author of the Silver Palate cookbooks

    Elmer Kelton – Novelist, wrote westerns

    Chris Connor – Jazz singer

    Robert Schindler – Father of Terry Schiavo

    Edward Rondthaler – Father of Foenetic Speling and advicut of speling reform. He was 104!

  29. “Robert Schindler” Obviously he’s on the wrong list.

  30. Molly Bee & Jimmy Boyd

    Both 13 year olds who had a hit with:

    “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”

  31. Mark “The Bird” Fidrych

  32. We missed Bird? I’m ashamed of myself.

  33. Former Red Sox great Dom Dimaggio

  34. Are you going out of your way to show us up, Toe? I know where you live, pal, and I have a list just waiting to be filled!

    Nice catch. Again, I feel shame.

  35. Richard W. Blake – May 2009

    Dicky was a good guy. He wasn’t famous and in fact a lot of times he could be a super pain in the ass. But he was my brother and like I said before, he was a good guy! I miss him!

  36. Nancy Talbot – Started the dress store where moms and grammas shop. They’ve updated, though. Or maybe I’ve just got old lady taste now…I bought an outfit for Max’s graduation there in May.

  37. Francis Rogallo – Invented hang gliding.

    Wycliff “Steely” Johnson – Reggae producer and musician. Worked with Bob Marley and No Doubt, among many others.

  38. Syliva Schur – Invented Clamato and Cran-Apple, and came up with the idea of wrapping a roast in aluminum foil and sprinkling it with dried onion soup before baking.

    Army Archerd – Columnist for “Variety” for, like, ever. Attributed with yanking Rock Hudson out of the closet on the front page of Variety in 1985.

  39. Buddy Blattner – Sportscaster, baseball and table tennis player

    Jesse Mahelona – Tennessee Titans

    Gertrude’s Noone – 110 and Baines – 115

    Frank Batten – Founder of The Weather Channel

    George Eckstein – Writer/producer (TV The Fugitive

    Larry Gelbart – Writer

    I saved Gelbart for last because he’s the reason I started writing scripts. It really had little to do with him and all to do with my favorite writing professor. The guy told me I should try my hand at it. I told him I had no idea how to do it. He went out and got me a M*A*S*H script and I said,

    “Fuck! I can do that. All the talking with none of the describing stuff? Where do I sign up?”

  40. Patrick Swayze – Actor, dancer, sweetheart of a guy. sniff, sniff

  41. Fred Cusick, longtime voice of the Bruins.

  42. Damn.

    Jim Carroll – Writer

  43. Mary Travers – Folk singer: Peter, Paul and Mary. Lovely, funny lady. I interviewed her once. She loved the beach roses on the Cape. Wanted me to help her dig one up before her show at the Melody Tent.

    Henry Gibson – Comic actor and so much more. Was also Jon Voight’s college roommate.

  44. wow – this really IS the go to list…
    May they RIP.

  45. Well, when you love what you do. . .

  46. Crystal Lee Sutton – The real Norma Rae. Looked nothing like Sally Field.

    Jody Powell – Press secretary and aide to President Jimmy Carter. I saw him speak at Wheaton College. Can’t remember anything he said. Afterwards I think we touched but it’s cloudy and I can’t remember; I could be thinking of Peter Wolf (J. Geils) who was also there for some reason. Looking back on it now is like remembering a nightmare.

  47. Frank Santos – R-rated hypnotist, Boston comedy fixture

  48. Susan Atkins – Manson Follower

  49. Lucy Vodden – Inspiration for the song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

  50. William Safire – Nixon speechwriter and vocabulary czar

  51. Captain Lou Albano – Wrestling manager

    Al Martino – Singer/Actor (The Godfather)

  52. Soupy Sales – Comedian

  53. Vic Mizzy – Songwriter (The Addams Family and Green Acres themes)

  54. Michelle Triola Marvin – Received palimony from Lee Marvin/Dick Van Dyke’s pal for 30 years.

  55. Lou Filippo – World Boxing Hall of Fame judge

    This one’s for late night Boston people only. I heard a rumor that the original owner of Buzzy’s Roast Beef (directly in front of the Charles Street Jail which is now a luxury hotel), Alan Kaufman, has also gone swimming.

  56. Kevin Knox – Boston comedian

  57. I guess it’s now.

    Aaron Schroeder – songwriter behind Elvis Presley’s hit “It’s Now or Never”

  58. Gene Barry – actor remembered for the TV series Bat Masterson

  59. Roy E. Disney – nephew of Walt Disney

    Oral Roberts – Evangelist

    Chris Henry – Bengals wide receiver fell out of a truck during a dispute with his wife.

    Jennifer Jones – Actress in, among others, The Song of Bernadette

  60. Brittany Murphy – actress at 32

  61. Arnold Stang – Actor whose voice Top Cat used (91, or 19 in cat years)

  62. Mick Cocks – guitarist for Rose Tattoo

  63. Vic Chesnutt – Singer/songwriter at 45

  64. James Gurley – guitarist Big Brother and the Holding Company

  65. Steve ‘Dr. Death’ Williams – Wrestler, 49

  66. Danny Sugarman – Doors manager/husband of Fawn Hall

  67. Tribute to musicians who died in ’09:

  68. Jean Biden – Vice Presidential mother

  69. Art Clokey – Gumby animator

    There was a pretty neat documentary about him called Gumby Dharma that’s worth checking out.

  70. Teddy Pendergrass – Musician

  71. Eric Rohmer – Director

  72. Kate McGarrigle — sister of Anna, ex-wife of Loudon Wainright, mother of Rufus and Martha, and damned fine entertainer in her own right.

  73. I hadn’t heard that. I just saw her on a documentary about Rufus.

    Erich Segal – Writer “Love Story”
    Robert B. Parker – Writer Spencer series

  74. Murphy Griffith – Boxing trainer of, among others, ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini

  75. I now come HERE to check on the recent celebrity deaths. I don’t know if it is weird, sad…or just plain sick.

  76. You just know how to ghoul with the very best, Steve!

  77. Pernell Roberts (Bonanza).

  78. Howard Zinn – Professor/Historian

    Zelda Rubinstein – Actress “Poltergeist”

    J.D. Salinger – Recluse

  79. Charlie Wilson – US Representative

  80. Walter Fredrick Morrison – Frisbee inventor

    He will be buried later today on his roof.

  81. Richard Delvy – pioneering surf-rock drummer

  82. Doug Fieger – Singer for The Knack

  83. Al Haig – Former Supreme NATO Commander and Sec. of State

  84. Mosi Tatupu – New England Patriots running back

  85. Don Kent – New England weather icon.

  86. Merlin Olsen – Pro Football Hall of Famer

  87. Peter Graves — Actor

  88. Alex Chilton – Box Tops/Big Star.

    Died in Austin not Memphis so that’s not cool.

  89. Fess Parker – Actor

  90. Stewart Udall – Secretary of the Interior

  91. Johnny Maestro – Singer of “16 Candles” with The Crests

  92. Jim Marshall – Music photographer

  93. Been a busy couple of weeks.

  94. John Forsythe – Actor

  95. Mike Cuellar – Cy Young winning Baltimore Orioles pitcher

  96. Christopher Cazenove – The ‘Dynasty’ ends for Ben Carrington. That’s two. Who will be the next to go?

  97. Malcolm McClaren – Sex Pistols impresario.

  98. Meinhardt Raabe – actor who played the Munchkin coroner in The Wizard of Oz.

  99. Polish President Lech Kaczynski

  100. Dixie Carter – Actress ‘Designing Women’

  101. Peter Steele – Type O Negative singer/bassist

  102. Daryl F. Gates – LA police chief

  103. Kama Chinen – formerly the oldest person alive, has died in Japan at the age of 114 years.

  104. Ernie Harwell – Hall of Fame broadcaster.

    If you want to see what Ernie, and many of those voices in the night, mean to people read my pal, More Than An Electrician, has to say.

  105. Robin Roberts – Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher

  106. Lena Horne – singer/actress/political activist

  107. Bob Mercer – Music exec who signed the Sex Pistols

  108. Ronnie James Dio – Singer

  109. Geesh, he was still alive?

    Art Linkletter – TV Host at 97

  110. “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout rigor mortis?”

    Gary Coleman – Actor/Security Guard

  111. John Wooden – UCLA basketball coach
    Richard Dunn – Actor

  112. Marvin Isley – bass player for The Isley Brothers

  113. Manute Bol – Basketball player/humanitarian

  114. Boston edition:

    John Henning – Long time newscaster

  115. Despite your geographic location, George Steinbrenner should get a mention. Now if only Bucky Dent would fucking die.

  116. Tuli Kupferberg – Founding member of the 60’s underground rock group The Fugs

  117. Vonetta McGee – Actress (Blacula, The Eiger Sanction, Repo Man)

  118. Peter Fernandez – voice of Speed Racer and wrote the lyrics to the annoying theme song.

  119. Ralph Houk – Baseball man.

  120. Daniel Schorr – Journalist

  121. Maury Chaykin – Actor

    Jack Tatum – NFL player

  122. Morrie Yohai – Cheez Doodle inventor

  123. Patricia Neal – Actress

    David Wolper – producer of ‘Roots’

    Richie Hayward – Little Feat

  124. Bobby Thomson – baseball player

  125. This one got past me:

    Harvey Pekar

    His appearances on Letterman were something.

  126. Yeah, cancer couldn’t kill him but his daughter could.

  127. Glenn Shadix – Actor (Beetlejuice)

  128. Kevin McCarthy.

    With McCarthy, Shadix and Neal all gone in short succession, it’s been a rough time for this Chiller fan. Each one was delightful to talk to. McCarthy, in particular, was a riot.

  129. Jack Horkheimer – Star Hustler.

  130. Harold Gould – actor “Rhoda” “The Sting”

  131. Eddie Fisher – Singer/Actor

  132. Arthur Penn – Director
    Sally Menke – Film editor
    George Blanda – Football player

  133. Greg Giraldo – Comedian
    Tony Curtis – Actor

  134. Stephen J. Cannell – Producer
    Art Gilmore – TV/radio/movie announcer
    Joe Mantell – Actor ‘Marty’ ‘Chinatown’

  135. Solomon Burke – “King of Rock and Soul”

  136. Larry Siegfried – Boston Celtic

  137. Barbara Billingsley – That jive talkin’ motherfucker!

  138. Bob Guccione – Publisher

  139. I blame the remake:

    James MacArthur – Danno in Hawaii Five-0

  140. Dino De Laurentiis – film producer

  141. Ron Santo – Chicago Cub

  142. Bob Feller – Cleveland Indian Hall of Fame pitcher

    Blake Edwards

  143. Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) – Musician

  144. Steve Landesberg – Actor

    Walt Dropo – Boston Red Sox

  145. Bud Greenspan – Filmmaker

  146. Bill Erwin – Actor
    Gerry Rafferty – Singer

  147. Susannah York – Actress

    David Nelson – Actor

  148. Sargent Shriver

    Don Kirshner

  149. Charlie Callas – Comedian

  150. David Frye – Comedian

  151. Maria Schneider – Actress

  152. I know we’ve been remiss with this but shit happens.

    Speaking of shit happening, hey! Guess what happened to Jack Kevorkian today?

    Yep! Joined the list.

  153. James Arness – Actor best known for the TV series Gunsmoke

  154. Larry ‘Wild Man’ Fischer

  155. Welcome the newest member of The 27 & Done Club! Amy Winehouse! She joins, among many others, musicians such as Kristen Pfaff, Mia Zapata, Jean-Michel Basquiat, D. Boon, Pete Ham, and of course, the board of directors of 27 & Done, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, & Brian Jones! Welcome Amy!

  156. G.D. Spradlin – Actor

  157. Jani Lane from Warrant does his best Judy Garland and dies at 47.

  158. John J. Kelley – Marathon Champion

    Nick Ashford – Singer/Songwriter

  159. Cliff Robertson – Actor

  160. Percy Foster – The worlds foremost pornographic Gordon Ramsay impersonator.

    He’d probably still be alive if he’d seen this:

  161. Steve Jobs

    (see joke in other post)

  162. Al Davis – Hall of Fame Raiders Owner

  163. Joe Frazier

    Heavy D

    Ed Macauley – Hall of fame basketball player

    Bil Keane

  164. “Five Easy Pieces” producer Bert Schneider

  165. Chuck Ruff – Drummer on “Frankenstein” and “Free Ride”

  166. Jimmy Castor – saxophonist, singer and songwriter

    Robert Dozier – screenwriter “Batman” “Harry O”

    Jimmy Castor – saxophonist, singer and songwriter

    Sarah Burke – skier

  167. Robert Hegyes – he played Jewish Puerto-Rican wheeler-dealer Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein on “Welcome Back Kotter”

  168. Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter

  169. Peter Bergman Firesign Theatre

  170. Greg Ham – Men At Work
    Jonathan Frid – Dark Shadows
    Levon Helm

  171. Paul Bogart – TV director “All In The Family”

  172. Moose Skowron – baseball player

  173. Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys

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