Happy Birthday, TB!

Hey everybody! Look who’s older than a sackful of Bea Arthur’s titties?

It’s our very own Taoist Biker who’s a whopping 26 again today!

Wow! What can I say about a man who brings a bit of joy to me every time I venture on over to his world?

Well, I can say he has the biggest collection of English schoolgirl spanking porn in the continental United States which he writes about quite elegantly on his blog. You should check it out!

But, because he doesn’t want to draw undue attention to his proclivity, he uses a euphemism when writing about it. So check out his posts on ‘MotoGP‘ to get a glimpse of the real TB!

All right, enough balderdash. Hey! TB! Thanks for giving me a place to hang out and have some fun. You’re a great guy and I appreciate your efforts in so many categories.

Thanks and happy birthday, TB.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday, TB!

  1. The fun thing is, I see “Bea Arthur’s titties” and I immediately think of that dumbass movie “Airheads” where Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, and Brendan Fraser hold a radio station hostage until they get a record deal. As a stalling tactics, they demand naked photos of Bea Arthur.

    20 minutes later in the movie, a sleazy record exec played by Judd Nelson comes in along with other shit they’ve demanded. Buscemi is looking at photos. Nelson looks over his shoulder. “Bea Arthur? Outstanding!”

    Thanks, Z. You know, I’ve actually been listening to your Cloudy Mix at work for the last couple of days, too, so another thanks for that one!

  2. You’re an odd man, TB, but let me explain why THIS time.

    The reason I used Bea is because Airheads was on when I typed that line.

    No joke.

    Hope your day continues to turn up surprises.

    But no naked Bea Arthur pictures. I’m not sure you could get on with the day if you had one of them bad boys in your possession.

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