This weeks top ten list

Top 10 Real Words Donald Trump Thinks Are Made Up

10 Spelunking
9 Varlet
8 Recrement
7 Nosopoetic
6 Jejune
5 Paralogism
4 Spurious
3 Coxcomb
2 Kakistocracy
1 Decency

Because I don’t anyone will look up the words the meanings are:

10 Spelunking – the hobby or practice of exploring caves
9 Varlet – a base unprincipled person
8 Recrement – superfluous matter separated from that which is useful
7 Nosopoetic – producing diseases
6 Jejune – devoid of significance
5 Paralogism – a fallacious argument
4 Spurious – a deceitful nature or quality
3 Coxcomb – a conceited foolish person
2 Kakistocracy – government by the worst people
1 Decency – okay, this was just sarcasm


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