Attention people, attention here.

If you’ve ever watched an entire movie in one sitting; if you’ve ever played video games until you looked up and said, “Oh shit! It’s that late?”; if you’ve ever been on Facebook clicking aimlessly, liking things because you feel you have to, typing in personal minutia to give your life some type of meaning then you do not have ADHD.

So stop saying that.

But you do have something, I’ll give you that. You have TSBM: This Shit Bores Me.

That’s right, your attention level is just fine as proven by your recent five hour conspiracy theory video binge. Your problem is you just don’t want to do what you don’t want to do. You just want to look at tits and cats; spend an hour and a half creating a retort to something you didn’t agree with; watch more cat videos.

You’ve become micro focused on things that sooth you, entertain you, piss you off. The rest can go fuck itself. So, please, your attention span in fine. You just don’t care about things that don’t fit into the world you’ve created. So instead of saying, “Oh, sorry I spaced there I have ADHD.” Be honest and say, “Wow, this shit bores me.”

TSBM unite!

Oh, and don’t worry, I know this won’t make any impact. Because those with true TSBM bugged out after the second ‘attention’.

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