A guy is talking at me.

“The end of days is just around the corner.” Said a jolly gentleman.

“How long have you believed that?” Asked I.

“I’ve been preaching that for over thirty years.”

“Thirty years?”


“How long is that fucking corner?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, wow. You’ve been trying to get around it for thirty years. Personally, you tell me something’s going to happen I’ll give you a week to make it so. Any longer and I’m going to call bullshit.”

The gentleman turned less jolly and much less gentle after that. I love when I can make someone’s blood pressure climb so high I get them one day closer to where they really want to be.


2 responses to “A guy is talking at me.

  1. Ha ha … I can imagine him turning less jolly and less gentle … they always do. LOLz

  2. My new favorite post.

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