I try to be a good listener. I try not to be rude when people are talking. I try to let people finish their story.

But sometimes you just can’t.

I see a guy I’m acquainted with and he’s banged up. Facial lacerations, a cast on one wrist, he even had a walking cast on. I have no idea the true extent of his injuries but the list looks impressive.

The reason I didn’t get the complete list is because I wouldn’t let him complete his story. No, not because I’m some pantywaist who can’t hear a gruesome story. I tell true life gruesome stories that make others cower. I wouldn’t let him complete it because of the way he started it.

I’ll let you be the judge whether I was justified stopping his story.

“Whoa.” I begin. “What happened to you?”

“Last thing I remember was a bunch of us were on a roof drinking Jager. . .”

“And stop right there.”

Justified? I think so. No one needs to hear a story that starts like that.

Its so predictable.


3 responses to “Interruption

  1. Good call. The famous last words of all inebriated young men are: “Hey, y’all, watch this!”

  2. i don’t think any story that starts with drinking jager ends well.

  3. Bound & Gags Wonder Blog is the Only Blog I read

    My reply to a comment like that would be, “I hope you remember the $100 bucks I lent you that evening!”

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