A woman steps. . .

. . .into the building and asks if I have change for two dollars. It happens every once in a while. I give her eight quarters, she thanks me and leaves. A few minutes later a guy I haven’t seen in some time comes in. As we’re talking he asks if I have any water. I sell him a one dollar bottle of water. He gives me four quarters.

We’re chatting and laughing. He always has insane stories. Good insane stories. Just two old friends catching up on the insanity that is our lives. The door opens and in walks the lady from earlier. She walks up to me with another dollar but before she can get to me I hold out the four quarters and say,

“I knew you’d be back.”

The lady freaks. The guy in the back is trying not to laugh to vigorously so as not to blow it. She’s looking at the quarters, up at me, back to the quarters. She is blown away by this display of sorcery.

“Did you read my mind?”

“What do you think?” I say with a smirk.

“You must have seen me coming.” She turns around to see that’s an impossibility.

She studies me for another few seconds before snatching the quarters from my hand while leaving the dollar behind.

When the door closes the guy can’t hold it in any longer and starts to laugh.

“Man, she’s going to be talking about your freaky ass for the rest of her life.”

“And not in a good way. As usual.”


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