The Dilemma

Your first customer of the day comes up to you and tells you someone has rubbed shit on the bathroom wall.

At first you might think that’s very nice of them. Warning you of a potential PR hazard (in this case PR means Poop Related). Or, if you’re normal, how disgusting your life is.

But things start to change when you realize that a) this is the first customer in the building in fourteen hours b) you personally checked the bathroom minutes before you left fourteen hours ago and didn’t find a shit stained wall c) the shit on the wall has that just shit smell.

The dilemma is do you 1) quit disgusted with the path your life has taken 2) confront the finger painter 3) wipe down the wall knowing it’ll only get better from here?

Oh, sorry, they’re all wrong.

The correct answer is A1) clean the bathroom knowing this is only a foreshadowing of the horrible day you’re about to encounter.


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