A guy was trying to make conversation with me. He was pleasant enough I guess. For a unibrowed, tea smelling, pot bellied twit.

“Did you do anything with your family?”

First off, how does he know I have a family? Has he been stalking me? Does he have pictures of those nearest and dearest to me? Does he know my travel schedule? There are always strange cars parked in front of my office, is his one of them? Just when I think about going through the security footage with a fine tooth comb I realize something.

“Did you do anything with your family?” is a pretty basic question from someone making small talk. I mean, he has to assume one has a family or some familyish simulation. So I decide he’s not going to get knee capped so I can make my getaway. He doesn’t even know how lucky he is.

“Yeah?” I answer arching it so he knows I still think it’s a very odd question. Just not how odd I thought earlier.

“What’d you do with them?” This guy is relentless. I must stop this onslaught,

“I avoided them.”

Hey? Why’s he looking at me the way I was looking at him earlier?


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