Unhappy Customer

I know it may come to a surprise to some of you (okay, all of you) but I actually attempt to see that the customer gets what they want. I don’t have to like it but I’m told that’s a big part of my job. So I do it to the best of my ability. To a point.

There are people out there who are either unclear of how the transaction is supposed to go or don’t know what, exactly, they came here for. Once or twice a week I have to say to someone, “Sorry, that’s not the business we’re in.” or “We don’t sell that.” or “Please stop talking before I take another life.”

Some people are good about it. They understand their error, maybe even get a chuckle about it. There are others who figure, ‘Hey, while I’m here why not ask?’ But, no matter what, we don’t sell candy. And that happened. A woman came in asking if we sold candy. Then got pissed when I said we don’t but the store fifty yards away does. What do you do in a case like that? Other than feel pity for people in her life, of course.

What I found funny was she ranted and roared for more than enough time for her to walk the fifty yards and buy herself some candy. When dealing with the public you quickly learn that some people just want to be angry and an easy target is someone behind a counter. Because they’re giving you money you are inferior to them. I’ve seen it on both sides of the counter. I asked a woman who was pounding on a cashier where her daughter worked? She looked at me as if I’d disturbed her in the middle of a beheading and said,

“Why is that any of your business?”

“Because I’m going to go there and make her cry just like you’re doing to my daughter.”

It didn’t take a heartbeat for her anger red face to turn to one of embarrassment as he scurried out of the store. When she left the cashier wiped her eyes and started laughing.

“Thanks, Chris.” She rang up on my newspaper just like every day. I smiled and started leaving. “Oh, by the way,” I stop and turn. “What times dinner tonight, Pop?”

“Ask your mother.” She laughed and went back to work. Every day after that when I’d get my paper she’d call me Pop.

It is funny how the angry person almost always gets to the point where they know they’re not going to get what they want, their tantrum has burned it wick, they are left with only one final recourse. And a woman who wanted something I could not provide finally got to it. She leaned on the counter with a smug look on her face and said,

“I’m going to have you fired.”

I didn’t bother pulling out my bosses card then telling her when he’ll be available. I didn’t laugh in her face, pull out my “Chris Is Gonna Get Fired” wheel and give it a spin to see how I’m going to get fired this time. No, I also leaned on the counter, smiled and said,

“Good. That way I can spend all my time hunting you down to kill.”

2 responses to “Unhappy Customer

  1. Bullying clerks is the only source of jollies some people have, and you go and deny them that.


  2. As I perused (yes i know big words) your latest blog, I knew it wasn’t gonna be a good situation and of course you did not disappoint. I have learned when dealing with the customer who ‘assumes’ they’re always right, you get the customer who KNOWS they’re right and relishes giving you a hard time. In my DJ days I’d have the customer TOTALLY dis-satisfied with my work when the person that paid me told me they’d hire me again for I did a fantastic job. How did this come about? The ass dis-satisfied, wanted to hear a song by a one hit artist. I had the song but they insisted right song but wrong artist. I go online to the alleged artist and of course the alleged artist NEVER recorded the song. My customer, being a whiz at artist identification, says i’m wrong and leaves in disgust. When the paying customer asks me later about the situation (after telling the boss what an asshole I am for not playing the song he wanted) tells me how he’s done this more than once. Bottom line: YOU CAN’T WIN!!!!

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