Just A Second

I’m pleased to announce a new show I’m hosting. It’s called ‘Just A Second! With Chris Zell”.

Snappy name, wouldn’t you say?

It came about one night when a friend and I were brainstorming. As usual when that happens we both get headaches. But this time not only did we get a headache we came up with an idea that turned into a concept that turned into us actually getting off our asses and sticking it to tape (or whatever it is TV programs stick to these days) for the enjoyment of this and future generations.

The guy who did 99.9999999% of the work in this project, the talented James Mudge, deserves much more credit (or blame. If you have a complaint make sure to direct it at him in the comments. Remember, if you like it, we share in the praise, If you don’t, once again, his name is James Mudge) then I. Of course, I did write the words that come out of my mouth but, after all this time, who really listens to me?

As far as my performance, well, for someone who hasn’t been in front of the camera for some time I think I pulled off my task rather well. I did what I was told and, if I must brag, did it in one take. No edits, no stopping. Roll it and get this puppy started.

But if you disagree please remember it was James Mudge who was directing me so he was responsible for yanking the best performance out of me and if he couldn’t do it, well, you can’t blame me for that. You can, however, blame the director who goes by the name James Mudge.

It’s just one idea of many ideas we came up with that night so you never know Bound & Gags could once again rear it’s ugly video head and make eyeballs unsafe as the Mudge/Zell juggernaut trundles into your town.

So now, please, sit back and enjoy the first episode of “Just A Second! With Chris Zell” (but it’s mainly James Mudge’s fault if you don’t like it):


5 responses to “Just A Second

  1. amazing! i learned so much. interesting to see how much ron cox did on this video

  2. That’s awesome…next episode should have opening credits attributing funding to 34 different international production houses. 🙂

  3. How do you stand the pressure? : )

  4. I just pretend I’m naked.

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