If you ever. . .

. . .want to screw with the oh so helpful cashiers here’s a good way.

You walk up to the counter with all the stuff you’re buying which initiates their pre-programmed question,

“Did you find everything you were looking for?” They begin ringing you up and ignoring you because they expect a ‘yes.’ After all, why would you have stopped shopping if you still had things to buy?

So you toss them off their program by saying, “No.”

A look of horror will cross their face. They stammer a response while groping for the managers call button.

“What didn’t you find?” Now here’s where you have to sell it. You have to look them dead in the eye, never breaking eye contact which will freak them out, and say,


The myriad of expression that will dance across this persons face are a joy to behold.


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