Someone wanted to point out. . .

. . .to me that I was full of shit long before I was born so they sent me this:

The picture doesn’t do it justice (my camera is shitty too I guess). The colors really pop and the litho is flawless. I know it’s a little hard to read (proving my focus is shitty too) so under Zell Fertilizers (which was previously named Zell Guano) it says,

“Produce Large Crops, Restore Fertility”
Baltimore Sales Department
1015 Fidelity Building, Baltimore, MD

I haven’t opened the package to look at the months (all twelve are there which I’m told is rare on a hundred year old calendar) but I bet they something pithy like January which says,

Never judge a man by the coat he wears. Never judge a fertilizer by the sack or color.

It sure looks like old Zell Fertilizers could have used a little of my skill set. Full of shit though I am.

One response to “Someone wanted to point out. . .

  1. That’s a beautiful calendar. Someone preserved it well for one century. It must have meant a lot to somebody.

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