Are you called foul-mouthed?

Have you ever used George Carlin’s ‘seven words’ as grace before dinner?

Do strangers think you have Tourette’s?

Then you’re a perfect candidate to become a charter member in the National Foul Language League!

Trust me, I know you’re a foul mouthed master so I approve your membership! Print out your membership card and go on your merry fucking way!

And, to cybershow your membership, here ya go, fuckwad!

11 responses to “NFLL

  1. What the fuck? Quit coming out with great stuff, CZ! By the time I get done installing this in my sidebar, people will be all like, “What is the Bound and Gags, some kind of cult?”

  2. Oh man, am I the only member of this cult? Where are all the other fucktards?

  3. It is lonely being at the vanguard of a cult, Wendy. But, they’ll come around, oh, they’ll come around!

  4. How can I get in the league? What I gotta do? Call my mother a F&$@i%$ @%o^$?

  5. Tony, dude, relax! You’re gonna pull a Hyoglossus muscle or something going deep so early in the day. We can tell you’re a gamer, so you’re in but let us give you some advice.

    If you want a long career in the NFLL you’re going to have to stretch. Start the day with some damn’s or hell’s before hitting full speed with things like motherfucking cocksucking three ball bastard!

    The NFLL: Leave the cursing to the pros!

  6. Sorry this fucktard is just having a tough time keeping up with all quality crap pumpin outa this blog! See, I have a full time JOB that I hafta be at all day.

  7. Fuucking perfect! I’m a card carrying member. Thanks Bound & Gags!

  8. I’m gonna be a fucking hall of famer! This is my get out of mouth soaping free card!

  9. I used my card last night! I was out with my wife and friends and she gave me a dirty look for swearing. I pulled out my card and told her to back the fuck off!

  10. I believe I am a deserving card carrier based on my score from this site:

    My mother would be so proud.

  11. 36.5%! I’d say she would! You are now the NFLL commissioner!

    33.1%! I’m embarrassed by my cleanliness.

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