IRL ru ISO a POV? RBTL but, FWIW, MHOTY if u DBEYR & CYA. OIC, its NP if its NIYBY. If ur SITD ur SOL because SH so RTFM or, IMHO, itll STBY.



If you’ve ever received a message like that and found yourself saying,

“WTFAYTAYLFD?” (which, as you obviously know, means, “What The Fuck Are You Talking About You Lazy Fucking Dolt?”)

You need BCAUSE because BCAUSE wants to

Ban Casual Acronym Use!

Join for you! Join for a loved one! Join for the words!


Because we care enough to use words!

22 responses to “BCAUSE

  1. Thanks, Chris!

    I’ll have to ask the good folks at http://humorlesstightass.com if they would be willing to do some cross-promotion.

  2. My son will text message me and I have no idea what he is talking about. I thought LOL meant Lots of Love. So I always though he was telling me he loved me. Now I find out he’s just laughing at me.

  3. Are we free to put that badge in the sidebar of our blogs without risking a lawsuit? Because I want the world to know WTF I think of casual acronyms. Not “WTF” mind you, because I hate to use the fuck-word on other people’s blogs for fear of porning up their site, so I regularly WTF out of politeness. But all the casual, complicated ones and weird spontaneous abbreviations? I hate them.

  4. For you? But, of course! Do with it what you may! Spread that word that we FHAUA (Fucking Hate Acronym Using Assholes)! Why?


    As far as fouling up the fetted air around here, Wendy, please! It’s B&G you’re talking to! We come pre-fouled.

  5. ROFLMAO. IMHO, U should do a badge 4 ppl who use U and 4.

  6. I had to resize it to fit into the WP sidebar, but in shrinking it it lost clarity. I don’t want anyone misreading it and thinking I like CAU, so I didn’t use it. That might send me into a dangerous rage. But thanks anyway.

  7. I’ve added additional badges for your using and placing pleasure.

  8. This is a terrific public service and I thank you from the bottom of my ever loving heart.

  9. Thx for going 2 so much trouble B&G!
    I just put it in my sidebar & it came out grt!
    I ♥ it.
    U R 2cool.
    over & out.

  10. Okay … now it’s in my sidebar and linked to this post. I screwed it up before, but now everything’s cool.

  11. I have also added this to my sidebar! I love it! And by IT i do not mean CAU i hate that!

  12. I use LOL a lot and I’ve noticed while I hop around to different blogs & comment I’m very paranoid about using it. This is sad. 😦 goodbye LOL you are hated and therefore not LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY.

  13. @ Joan–Don’t feel bad, eventually everybody realizes that their kids are laughing at them. And on the flip side, when your kids get old enough and have enough experience under their respective belts, they realize that they should have been laughing with you all along, and not at you.

    In Support of BCAUSE (B&G- I REALLY hated having to type that!):

    Being a nurse, I use a lot of abbreviations and acronyms at work, but I try to avoid them around those who don’t get them; not everybody is familiar with medical and nursing jargon, so in the desire to get my point across and promote efficient and intelligible communication, I drop my short cuts. I think the bloggers who use all these acronyms either don’t really care to get their opinions out to their audiences or maybe they realize that their opinions are actually crap and are reluctant to voice them out of fear of ridicule.

    You can call me a humorless tight ass if you want, just don’t abbreviate it!!

  14. When I was a reporter I used a sort of strange abbreviated shorthand in my notes, because even after two years I never passed my shorthand class and was forced to invent my own. But other than that, I see no use to casual acronyms and consider them part of the whole “texting” teenybopper culture. They shouldn’t be allowed to use it either, because it retards their comprehension and the importance of communicating in an intelligent manner. It makes them, basically, retarded.

  15. Unfortunately, I’ve been a closet acronymer for many many years. Way before this whole internet chat text messaging thing. And just as I was beginning to feel validated, now I feel like a retard! Or maybe a “fucktard”. Not sure, I’ll get back to ya on that.


  16. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I HATE that. Why? Because 97% of the time I have no EFFING clue what they are saying. My best guess is never close. They only one I know and use all the time is WTF.

    And that’s what I saw to all those acronyms. WTF!

    And Wendy, you can say fuck on my blog, I do all time.

  17. @ Wendy–I agree with you!! Damn kids!! Driving me crazy! I actually took the text feature off my kids phones!! “Oh Mom that’s not fair! Everyone else has texting on their phones!” My reponse: “I don’t care what everyone else has on their phones. I don’t pay for their phones, but I do pay for yours. If you want texting so bad then get yourself a job and pay for it yourself!”

    @David–fucktard!! I love it and am adding to my repertoire of “F” words; it is actually replacing both fuckwad ( a fucking stupid individual whose presence I perceive as a personal insult) and fuckload ( a whole fucking lot of something) as my new favorite! Thanks!

    @B&G–Is this foul enough for you?

  18. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve needed something for years to let people know I don’t appreciate their laziness. At first I thought all this typing on computers would be a good thing. Sadly, I forgot idiots can find a way around anything.

  19. Scotty, you’re welcome. We’re glad to be of some help to the world at large instead of just calling them morons all the time.

    Becky, you’re always foul enough for me!

  20. fools fools nothing gained nothing changed just another chant and another game… games of whimsical minds that gather round to for a while.


  21. That is some extreme abreviating.

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