Running Into People

Do you know how it is to run into someone you’ve known for a long time but haven’t seen or talked to for awhile? It’s an odd feeling. It’s as if you feel pressured to say something amazing has happened in your life.

The fact is nothing amazing has happened in your life. You go to work, come home and do it all over again. Day after atrophying day.

I’m luckier than most because I can point them here and they can catch up with the myriad of reasons why they haven’t seen me in quite some time.

But, you know me, sometimes something just slips out. Maybe it’s performance anxiety. I feel as if I have to give them something to take away in their old kit bag.

For some reason, it never quite turns out all that well.

“So,” I’m asked. “What’s new?”

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing’s fucking new! What’s new with you? Nothing! Then why are you asking me? Fuck off!

Is what I think.

“Oh, ah, I’m gonna be a dad.”

“Really?” The guy says.

“Yeah, after eighteen years the bastard finally found me.”


2 responses to “Running Into People

  1. Ha! I can’t stand running into people from the past, I try to hide if I can.

  2. Running into people? Try finishing up your check if you’re gonna be taking a run. Since there’s no ref, use your elbows.

    I just tell these people that they have the wrong person or that I don’t remember them. “I’m sorry, do I know you? Fuck off, you got the wrong person, mac…”

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