Is it just me. . .

. . .or does this read like an ad for a busy serial killer looking to make a few extra bucks?

“I am looking for a crime writer to pen a “True Crime” blog. Each 500-word blog entry will center on a current, horrific murder. I would like a new blog entry every one to two weeks.”


2 responses to “Is it just me. . .

  1. With the amount of Crime TV (or whatever they call those channels these days) my wife watches…she could write this. It is also the same reason I don’t spend too much time in the basement. I am afraid of what she might be hiding down there.

  2. Yeah. If there aren’t enough current murders, or they’re not horrific enough, wouldn’t you be tempted to…you know…drum up some business for yourself?

    Or at least hang out at the local body-dumping hot spots so you could mutilate up the corpses a bit. Turn that dead hooker-lump of coal into crime-blog diamonds, so to speak.

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