Small Talk: Don’t Do It

I know it’s me, but I really don’t like strangers asking me personal questions. Basically, I’ll tell you my name and let’s end it there.

I just don’t feel adding my Mother’s maiden name will benefit the asker. But, as you know, it happens.

A person came in and, in the course of their conversation, asked me where I was born. Why? I don’t get it. The information is useless to them.

I know it’s small talk but if that’s all you have don’t do it. Just wander away and people won’t think less of you.

The person stood there awaiting my answer so I said,

“In a hospital just outside my Mother.”


One response to “Small Talk: Don’t Do It

  1. Have some fun with these people…on the lawn of Graceland or on a barge while manuevering the Panama Canal.

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