Someone just asked if I’ve found jesus. I answered,

“I didn’t even know he was lost. Have you put out an Amber alert.”


6 responses to “Found

  1. I hate jesus people. Religion is fine if you’re not a moron, but most people are idiots and americans are typically violent and selfish, so organized religion in this country tends to be on the dangerous side.
    Anyway, this reminded me of these people I used to watch while I was driving a taxi. We used to park down at the docks and wait for the Nantucket ferries to come in, and every Sunday this hard-core church group would wait in the parking lot for the boats to come in, and while all the hundreds of tourists were trying to get off the boat, the people in this church group would shriek and scream at all of them, yelling that they were all sinners and going straight to hell and unless they repented and joined their church they were all sinner trash in God’s eyes. It was nuts! I thought that sort of thing went out in the fourties. If you’re ever on Cape Cod, go check them out at the docks, its pretty amusing…

  2. I hate Illinois Nazis.

    But these were swell folks. They used to put on a good 4th of July fireworks display when I visited my brother down in Rock Harbor.

    Little did I know then that I may have been indoctrinated since it might have been one of their “light sessions”.

  3. Like the old George Carlin bit about the bumper sticker: “I found Him. I have Jesus in my trunk.”

  4. I admire you for thinking of a snappy comeback… I am usually so flustered that my mind goes blank.

  5. 😀 That’s pretty funny dude.

  6. Any post that sparks comments longer than the post itself is a success. Way to get people talking. 😉

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