Low IQ Society



8 responses to “Low IQ Society

  1. OK well I took your stupid test and got like a thousand on it. Obviously I’m smarter than the person that wrote the dam thing.

    So all I get is a stupid certificate? WTF? I can’t even print that thing cause it’s too small. What good is this club anyhow? Jeez!

  2. Stop being dense!

  3. I am so proud. I am in the top 94 percentile. Dumb as a goat, as my Pappy used to say. Now I can not only be dumb but proud of it.

  4. Wait- goats are dumb? Not where I come from! Isn’t 94 like really really great!?

    becky makes me feel guilty now … I guess I should admit that I could not find the SUBMIT button anywhere to “hand in” my test, so I feel like I was cheated. I mean I looked everywhere, even on the bottom of the computer. After you take the test and check all the boxes, how are you spozed to … ? … ah forget it. I’m 2 stupid for DENSA I guess. Please let me know if you ever start a club for people stupider than me.

  5. I have a feeling the higher your number the dumber you are. I really don’t know if goats are smart or dumb. A friend of mine had one for a while but her landlord made her get rid of it. The goat sounded sort of dumb to me. My father was the one who use to go around the house talking about people he worked with being dumb as goats so I guess I grew up thinking goats were really dumb.

  6. Just kiddin ya. Joan. Kiddin. Goats R DUMB! And smelly too. You’re right! Too smart for Densa!

    Two words: HAH!

  7. @Joan and David– My goat scored higher than both of your scores combined!

  8. Huh? What are y’all talking about?

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