Am I Romantic?

That was the question just asked of me. I thought thoughtfully for a tick, it was a serious inquiry after all, and, although I have done romantic things, it’s not one of my strong points.

I mean, why set up false expectations that I’ll pick up my own underwear every day. Come on! This is the real world not some schoolgirl fantasy.

So I answered,

“What do you think? I’m a guy who, next to a kissing booth, would set-up Valtrex stand.”


9 responses to “Am I Romantic?

  1. Kisses $1

    with tongue $5

    Pleez ask about Daly Speshul

  2. Wow… that IS romantic! I hope you include giant posters of cold sores at your booth.

  3. Posters? I’ll have live action figures!

  4. Cold sore action figures? I just hope they’re not mean, like that zit on Chris Griffin’s face (Family Guy). That thing was so cruel, it scared me.

  5. I’m so excited about the Cold Sore Action Figures. I’d like to order a Britney Spears and a Paris Hilton.

  6. The Herpes Hags! Collect them ALL!

  7. @ David– I am almost afraid to ask. What is the Daily Special?

  8. I just hope the Daily Special isn’t like the Happy Ending. We are talking herpes, after all.

  9. Oooh gross.

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