New Show

Undeterred by our failure (does anyone see a pattern here?) to get our game show off the ground – – we’ve now come up with a show where we fool unsuspecting callers. Our host, Heckles McHackanerney, would change places with real 911 operators and the hilarity would ensue.

We’ve done a test show but, due to issues with privacy, jail time, and potential wrongful death lawsuits, the video has been sent to a grand jury.

But, we did walk away with the audio portion for you to check out:


9 responses to “New Show

  1. Hey, it seemed like an obvious question to me. Anyone who’s seen Fight Club knows: “With a gun in your mouth, you can only talk in vowels.”

  2. hmm, the caller sounds familiar to me for some reason.

  3. It was probably your late cousin.

  4. Not funny! Suicide is not a joking matter. What gives you the right to take such a devastating event lightly? I’ve read a few of your posts and will not be back. Your mocking tone and general mean spiritedness prove you should seek professional help.

    Lauren E.

  5. If mocking tone and general mean-spiritedness mean you need professional help, then Lauren should invest in a psychiatric hospital conglomerate.

    If you never cross the line, how do you know where it is?

  6. There is no line!!!

  7. soup, naked under purple shroud

    Shit!! You guys can’t find the line! You can’t find Jesus! You better start praying to St Anthony that you don’t lose more shit!

  8. Who needs professional help when I have my purse?!!! It’s a portable pharmicopia of anxiolytics and sedatives!

  9. It’s your mocking tone and general mean spiritedness that we love about you Chris!

    In the immortal words of those Bud Light commercial guys of a bygone era, “I love you man”!

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