I’m at work doing the vitalish things that fill my days. My girlfriend is in the office doing gawd knows what. I’m sure it’s stealing office supplies. Or as she calls it, borrowing without intent to return.

You have to admit, that does sound nicer.

A customer is leaving and says,

“Bye! I hope you win today!”

To me.

“Yeah, okay, thanks.” I say pretending to listen to things people say.

“What does she think you’re winning?” My girlfriend asks while stuffing a ream of paper into her purse.

“I dunno.” I respond.

“You don’t know?”

“No. Maybe she thinks the Red Sox are in such dire straights they’ve called me up.”

“Well, I hope you win then.”

“Thanks.” I stop my vitalish work. Blink a couple of times. “Boy, if that’s true, I better start stretching.”


2 responses to “Winning

  1. You know that all the blogs or everyday shit that has happened and you’ve been written about should all be put in another book by the one and only ZELL. The book would make for some interesting bathroom reading.

    Ahhhh hahahah.

  2. Yeah ’cause the last one sold so well I could almost afford the gas to cross state lines to see you.

    Let’s be honest, the only reasons you want another book by me is: 1) you get it for free 2) that table still has a wobbly leg.

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