Vacation Day

I’m sure this says something more about the people who pass through my day than I want to know. Now, in their defense, it could have been the slip of a tongue. At first I thought maybe I’d misheard it. But when, without my attempting to embarrass them, they seemed to realize what they said so quickly and without other words gathered themselves up and beat a hasty retreat, I knew they’d indeed said it.

Fully set up, let’s go to the adventure, shall we?

A woman is telling me about her day off. She said she had a very nice day. Her and her significant other spent a day in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Having been there many times (the parade bit in this story took place there) I knew some of the places she mentioned visiting.

Mostly the bars but let’s not pick nits here.

By her recitation of the story it did seem to be a fun time. She’s fairly new to the area so this was her first visit. Being a fan of the movie, The Perfect Storm, she made a trek into The Crow’s Nest. But they also made it to some of the more refined locations of Gloucester.

She was very excited when she ran across Gorton’s, the company made famous via TV commercials over the years.

“It took me back to my childhood!” She exclaimed. “I even took a picture next to the Gorton’s fisterman statue!”

I’m pretty sure that’s not on the official chamber of commerce photo ops list.


5 responses to “Vacation Day

  1. Judy Hennessey

    At least you can trust him.

  2. I’ll assume you MEANT “fisterman” and not “fisherman”….

    “Yes, here at Gorton’s, we have a proud tradition of fisting everything in these waters!”

  3. ROFL! I noticed that, too, Earl, but wasn’t clever enough to point it out! Thanks for helping!


  4. Yes, Earl, she did indeed say fister. That sure would have given their old jingles a new look.

  5. so that’s what you do with frozen fister sticks

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