Voting Block

A gentleman (for lack of a better term to call this fucktard) begins spewing his (unsolicited) political ideology on me. Having just got my shirt out of the laundry, you can see how unhappy that made me.

At one point in his endlessly pointless rant he says,

“I’m going to vote the bible way.”

“Okay,” I say. “Do many people think that way?”


“Awesome!” I say with all the excitement someone like me can conjure. “Then here’s what you should get all your pals to do.” I say with all the organizational skills someone like me can muster. “Get all your pals together and really vote the bible.”

He seems a little flummoxed so I enlighten him.

“All you have to do is really vote the bible. Vote for Jesus. I’m sure a voting block of your size will win and, let’s be honest, even Jesus would come back for an opportunity to get his face on a collectible presidential plate.”

Huh. From his reaction I don’t think he took me seriously.


One response to “Voting Block

  1. I think the presidental coin would be a deal breaker,
    remember how he was with the vendors at the temple.

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