Comedy show

Went to see Bob Marley last night. Seated to the side of the stage. During one part Bob asked me a question. So far not a problem. But that would change quickly.

“What about you? Do you ever bring (word I did not hear) into the bedroom?”

As my brain processes the unknown word through it’s dictionary it picks a word it finds out of place in a sentence like that so, needing clarification, he asks Bob,

“Did you say carrot?”

By Bob’s reaction I figure that, out of all the words my brain could have picked, that was not the one he used. Bob goes to the side of the stage to inform people that one of us, the jury is still out, is quite odd.

He comes back over to me, nicely, but with laughter in his eyes, and explains, in my good ear, that he said characters.

Ohhhhhhh. So he’s not a food fetishist. That’s good to hear.

Great show. Great guy. Go see him.

And bring a carrot. Just in case.


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