Just another day

Proving that if a year sucks to start, it’s going to suck to end.

Point in case.


First person I had to deal with during the work day. I’ve been working for a total of three minutes and have angered someone to such an extent they’ve decided to display their displeasure in this manner,

“You dirty fucking asshole.”

Well, you can expect that I took umbrage to such a statement so I said,

“I take umbrage to such a statement. I know for a fact I was in the shower less than an hour ago.”

Trust me when I say what I couldn’t do for them (it was against the rules of the company and possibly the lower 48) shouldn’t have caused such a display.

I guess I just bring out the best worst in people.

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been working on a long project that’s been taking any spare time I spend not sleeping and quite a few chunks of that.

Oh, I’ve been getting faced by assholes daily but I just haven’t have the energy to smack them back to the womb until they finish cooking. I hope to be back annoying you soon.

In the mean time, may you have the year you wish for and just a little bit extra.

Thanks for encouraging my behavior.


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