Holiday Shopping

I hate shopping. Add holiday in front of it and I’m six steps closer to homicidal than normally. I rarely relate stories from my real life but the other day my girl and I were shopping. The fucking place was packed. This is worse to me than being at work. You wanna know why?

I’m not getting paid to deal with this bullshit.

We’re walking through when I disappeared. I didn’t mean to, I just did. Six people got between us. Then ten, Then I figured, “fuck it. She knows where we live.’ and gave up finding her.

What I didn’t factor in is just how pissed she would get. An hour later when she figured I was gone. I get this angry call on my cellphone and tried to talk her down.

“Listen for a moment.” I start knowing that’s all I was going to get. “Remember the jewelry store where you saw that diamond necklace? The one I couldn’t afford but said I would get it for you one day?”

“Yes,” she says. The excitement building in her voice. “I remember that store.”

“Well, I’m in the bar next to it.”

Hope you all have a great holiday season and beyond. And thanks again for encouraging my behavior.

3 responses to “Holiday Shopping

  1. I hope that they were selling “Dollar Drafts” !!

  2. You shoulda told her you’d save her a seat and buy her a brewski !

  3. Ooooh, so mean, lol! I hate shopping with a passion. Online shopping is the way to go.

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