I wandered over here. . .

. . .to do a little maintenance. After I put up the mention of the death of world class comedian, Patrice O’Neal, I went about other things like deleting spam.  It’s all the normal crap one sees. But then there was one that would give a sane person pause.

“Okay post, but not the best Ive seen exactly. You should step it up or gulrotkake uten egg og melk will eat your position.”

As you’d assume, I became quite frightened. I was even starting to consider actually writing good stuff here. I mean, I don’t know what a gulrotkake uten egg og melk is but I’m sure I wouldn’t want it eating anything of mine.

Then I checked to see exactly what this horrible monster was. Imagine my surprise and, yes, horror, to find out that it is nothing more than a ‘carrot cake without eggs and milk.’

What kind of beast would inflict that on another person? That sounds horrible!

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