Monthly Archives: October 2011

This just in

Steve Jobs arrives in heaven, immediately takes over R&D and is ready to ship iWings 1.0.

But all is not perfect in iHeaven. In his first iSetback?

iHalo is having production issues.

They keep coming out shaped like the Apple logo.

A disheartened gentleman. . .

. . .who recently split from his significant other asked me one of those short, yet complicated questions,

“What is love?” I thought for a moment before stating,

“Love is never having to say, ‘Sorry I shot you.'”


Someone is unfurling their scheme to me. They need my involvement to accomplish their desire. Not only will I not join them in their endeavor, I don’t want to listen to them speak any longer. So I tell them that, although it is with a heavy heart, I’m not going to be able to assist them.

There response was on of total shock!

“You know,” They begin to heap their scorn upon me. “It doesn’t take much energy to be helpful.”

“That is true,” I agree. “But it would take much more than I am willing to expend.”