I was asked to submit a :30 second PSA on drunk driving. Not being told which side to pick, I chose one and took my rip.

MAN in bar drinking. PEOPLE laughing. Clinking glasses. Pounding shots.

MAN gets up wobbly. MAN waves off PEOPLE asking if he’s okay, MAN picks up keys, exits.

MAN gets in car, starts car, squeals backward out of parking lot.

Vehicle swerving down the street.

BABY BIRD falls out of a nest.

Vehicle heads straight for helpless BABY BIRD.

Vehicle swerves around BABY BIRD.

MAN passes BABY BIRD, swings door open, grabs BABY BIRD, tosses BABY BIRD up into the nest.

MOTHER BIRD chirps happily as BABY BIRD lands safely.

Vehicle continues swerving down street.

A ball bounces into street.

KID chasing it.

Vehicle heads straight for ball.

Vehicle spins one hundred and eighty degrees hitting the ball with bumper.

Ball flies into grateful KIDS hands. KID smiles and waves at MAN.

Vehicle takes a corner wide.

Police car begins chasing vehicle.

Vehicle speeds up.

Police car speeds up.

Vehicle takes impossible turn down a tree lined street.

Vehicle takes impossible turn into a drive way that hides vehicle behind high bushes.

Police car takes corner, continues down the street.

MAN gets out of vehicle, tosses keys in air, catches keys, smiles at camera and winks.

V/O & BUMPER: Drunk Driving! Practice makes perfect!


I bet you’re going to be just as surprised as me to find out I just got the most personally insulting rejection letter of all time.


5 responses to “PSA

  1. I’m only surprised that you can be “personally insulted.”

  2. what’s the problem …?
    practice DOES make perfect

  3. Okay, ya got me, Your Name Here, that was my feeble attempt to show a human face.

    My point exactly, E! I don’t understand why they attempted to insult me!

  4. awesome! too bad they didn’t go for it.

  5. Hey just say that’s a clip from a video game to see if the person can drive without getting into his car yet. The winner of the game crushes the birds head, flattens the ball and then crashes into the cop car for chasing him. End of story.

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