Today’s Beginning

Gather round, boys and girls, to learn how to mortify while placing an image so disgusting into someone’s head they may never attempt that act again but definitely will not do it on your property due to the fear of your mere presence.

I’m walking into work and there’s a car parked on the property. Not unusual. I notice one head, drivers side, male but pay little more attention. Until I pass the vehicle closer. Oh boy! There’s some Wednesday morning love makin’ a goin’ on right here.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen something like there here so I go about starting my day. About five minutes after opening someone comes in, female. She has the same color hair as the bopper chick so I assume it’s her. I know her a fair amount, we have a friendlyish (my normal state) relationship.

While chatting I notice something on her jaw line. No! It can’t be. Well, it could. While processing the process I come away with the awareness that it is, indeed, what I think it is. I take a step back as the proceedings conclude with one tiny little question.

“What’s on your face? Sex snot?”

The flashes of ‘Huh?’ ‘What’d he say?’ ‘OH FUCK!’ while madly wiping her face and hurrying out of the establishment sped past at a frenzied pace.

I wonder what surprises are in store for the rest of the day?

We can only wait to see.


5 responses to “Today’s Beginning

  1. Got to luv that, well we know know she is not a quiter,and she finishes the job in hand,ops sorry, mouth hahaha

  2. My mom was in town…maybe it was her.

  3. You should’ve asked her if she likes Chinese food. And if she had said, “yes, why?” you could then point out to her, “It looks like you got some egg drop soup on your face.”

  4. Chris,
    You really said a mouthful … once again.
    Makes me want to sing …”Chin – chin – chinery”
    I hope that this puns didn’t suck as much as they could have.

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