I was attempting. . .

. . .to explain a not very difficult piece of legalese to a person. The problem was they didn’t seem to grasp it. I don’t know if the words I used were too large. I didn’t think they were but they had to be used in this situation exactly for legal reasons.

After frustrating the person a couple of times, comfortable that I covered my legal ass in my attempt, I tried to render this simplistic set of doctrine into an even simpler form.

Then simpler even still.

Finally, because, even I, who can digest utter disdain into a glance, could prune no further, I had to give up.

“I’m sorry but, if what we’ve just covered cannot suitably explain this legal document, I cannot allow you to sign it.”

It’s that simple. If you do not understand me during a legal proceeding, for whatever reason, I, in all good conscience, cannot allow you to proceed.

“Are you insulting me?” I’m asked.

“Not at all,” I explain. “If I were going to insult you I’d be sure to use words you would definitely understand.”

3 responses to “I was attempting. . .

  1. This is borderline brilliance…and, for that, I thank you!

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