A Phone Question

I have more than my share of stupid phone conversations. It can’t be just because I answer phones. I know people who have bright, stimulating conversations on the phone daily. I’m just not that fortunate.

I also get more than my share of phone conversations where people seem to believe I am empowered with psychic ability. Or at least to divine answers with the least amount of information possible.

This next conversation contains both.

I answer the phone and am greeted with this sentence out of the box.

“Is this the company I used a couple of years ago?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can you look it up?”

“If you give me your name.”

“Elizabeth Dumass.”

“Hold please.” I roll over to the computer. Open the file that contains all past customers and look for a Dumass. I close the file and go back to the task as hand.

“I’m sorry, Dumass, you’ve never been a customer of ours.”

“Oh. Do you know what company I used?”

3 responses to “A Phone Question

  1. why aren’t people aware of how stupid they sound?

  2. Are you sure the name was Dumass ? Didn’t you leave a “b” out ?

  3. You should have told her to call 411 (Information)

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