Shitty Sleep

My girlfriend has to have the TV on all night. I don’t care. I usually fall asleep after her so it beats me having to scrounge around trying to find the remote. So last night I’m sleeping and, as happens, wake slightly during the night.

During one time, as I slowly gained a modicum of consciousness I heard something, something disturbing, that I’d heard on the web many times to gales of laughter.

The Poo Poo Guy From Uganda.

Turns out it was part of a documentary, Missionaries Of Hate, about Uganda’s anti-gay bill.

But to awake and have some guy, with seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the goings ons in bed settings of couplings of that ilk, could be considered a little off putting.

So I turned over and went back to sleep. I’m good like that.

However long later it was, I never know because I don’t open my eyes because I’m afraid there will be a cat (top left in the banner) sitting there staring me in the eyes just waiting for one to peek so he can go into this gawd awful B-52 audio level purring.

So I slowly shift my listening attention to the TV and what the proverbial fuck!

It’s Jim Fucking Jefferies and his I Swear To God stand-up special. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a riot. But, what is the bit I am listening to? The one where he describes, at pretty detailed length, about putting a vibrating egg up his ass and getting it stuck.

“More fucking shit? At ass crack o’clock? Bloody hell!” I think hoping Brutus doesn’t sense my unease and take that as a cue to poo.

Hey, at this moment anything could have happened.

Here’s the bit. It’s not from the special but it’s all there and uncut. So, don’t be a dink, be an adult because that’s who it’s for.

It starts at 2:33 but sit back and take it all in.

I had to.


One response to “Shitty Sleep

  1. Ha! And I was up and down all night due to a colonscopy prep, that I delayed because I just *had* to go see Insidious last night (and didn’t literally want the sh&t scared out of me)….

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