Ho, ho. . .

. . .holy shit get these people away from me!

Before I begin, I am not saying which of these groups I find more annoying. They both have their bad points. All I’m saying is, if I had my druthers, I’d druther not to speak with either.

The two groups from which I speak are born again christians and white supremacists. I’m not going to cast a net over them for any ideological (nor comedic which proves I’m being amazingly altruistic this holiday season) reasons. I’m just going to report the proceedings and my response to both in a hopes that, together, we can agree they both suck.

A BAC is enlightening me with the holy of holies. He’s love me to become fully engorged as he, his own personal self, is. I, as anyone who’s spent time listening to me prattle, knows I’m all fucking set.

“I’d love to give this born again thing a shot,” I say after being asked if I’d like to become a BAC along side him and other, allow me to assume here, annoying fuckers. “But I’m sure this time I’d totally rip my mother in two.”

That ends act one.

Later in the day (no joke. This all took place in less than six hours which caused me concern for the rest of my day) a WS (we’ve got to start being a little more open with our supremacists. Don’t you think whites have had the monopoly for long enough?) started giving me his version of holiday spirit. His included a rather, to me, uncomfortable room for blacks and Jews. I nod at him for a moment before saying,

“You know, you people much have really hated Sammy Davis, Jr.”

Needless to say (not that that’s ever stopped me), neither of them felt, after my observations, that’s I’d actually be a viable candidate for inclusion.


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