I hate multiple use items!

“But honey! It’s a toaster AND a speculum!”

Please, manufacturers, stop it! The last time you got it right was the clock/radio. And when was that? Three hundred years ago? Stop! You’re embarrassing yourselves. No one needs a flashlight/razor. No one! No one needs a hedge trimmer/umbrella no matter what marketing says.

That is all.

For today.


3 responses to “I hate multiple use items!

  1. I don’t know. With all this rain, I could use a combo umbrella/hedge trimmer this week…and there is more rain coming.

  2. I am taking back the Spork.

  3. Sorry, Scott, but you are mistaken. Although I can see from where your utter confusion arises (the general greatness and majesty of the spork) it’s many tools are for a single, solitary task: eating.

    Therefore, I am keeping the spork.

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