Hey Boys & Girls!

It’s time for your pal Chris to show off something other than his own stupidity.

As many of you know, the movie Slap Shot has a warm place in my heart. Yes, it is directly due to Dr. Hook’s open heart surgery but I’ve healed quite nicely, thank you very much. I’ve watched the movie countless times; discussed it for more hours than a grown man should; repeated lines from the movie, if not daily, weekly for, again, much longer than a man of growth should.

But, being a thirty odd year old movie, as you’d expect, nothing much happens in the world of Slap Shot. But all that changes today. Right now, sweaty men in forklifts are piling high boxes of the greatest book ever to have the name Jonathon Jackson on the cover (yes, including ‘Low Vision Manual’ by Jonathan Jackson, PhD. – even though he spells it that weird way) for shipment to your very own abode.

That’s right! The wait is over! “The Making of Slap Shot” by a truly cool and nice man (I say that knowing full well that he is Canadian), Jonathon Jackson, is on the shelves awaiting your purchase!


How can you not love a book that has a foreword from that little ass flasher, Michael Ontkean:

“The book is a mighty impressive chronicle and will surely become (and be) the definitive record of events.”

If you are a hockey fan, a movie fan, a fan of books written in English (albeit Canadian English), a fan of Slap Shot, a fan of lurid tales of vice and glamor, a fan of, ah, what else? Vampires! Yeah, vampires are hot. If you’re a fan of vampires I’m told there might be a little secret one of the cast members wanted to keep from going public about his ‘fang’ style (but then again I’m not sure of the veracity of that because the guy I heard this from was me and I haven’t even read the book).

All silliness aside, Jonathon worked very hard on this book, he dug deep into the bowels of the Slap Shot community to give the movie the attention it has long deserved. It’ll be a great addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

Good luck, Jonathon! Maybe you can be successful enough to be some rich broads tax write off.


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