Speech To Text

I don’t use this forum to rant (unless you consider my writing ranting which you are well within your rights not only to think but you are far from alone) but I’ve got to ask what the fuck is going on with phones?

Now you can TALK into your phone and it sends a TEXT of the words you just SPOKE to the person you’re calling? Ummmmmmmm? If you’re going to speak why not stick those words directly into that persons ear hole? You know, like in the olden days?

I’m not getting this because, every time someone defends the act of texting, they say they have to do it because they’re in a location where they can’t speak. Okay, I’ll allow that flimsy defense. But now that you can turn speech into text why not speak directly to that person? Why add more infrastructure? Can someone ‘splain this to me? Are we that loath to speak to each other? Have verbal skills gone the way of the rotary phone?


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