Letter Meme

My buddy Aimee asked me to do this. I won’t ask anyone else to do it because, well, in my experience people don’t often do what I ask.

I was told to use the 1st letter of my last name to answer the questions. But you know nothing goes simply in my life. She added this little caveat:

(This is impossible to do with the letter Z for some of these questions.)

I considered that pretty cruel on her part!

What is your last name?
Zell (See? I didn’t know she had this level of cruelty in her)

Type of animal?
ZigZag salamander (because it sounds like a Cheech & Chong fan)

A boy’s name
Zared (because it means ambush)

A girls’ name
Zona (this one means prostitute!)

An occupation
Zzxjoanw player (Come on! Who wouldn’t want to be that?)

Mogul Moises Saba Z”L (this one was hard. It was either him or Jay-Z)

A color
Zaffre (of course!)

Something you wear
Zucchetto (although I’d never wear one but I have been known to sport zori’s when threatened)

Something you drink
Zipperhead (because it was my Mom’s pet name for me!)

Something you eat
Zwieback (who needs mouth moisture?)

Something found in the bathroom
Zimmermannella (and, no, it doesn’t cause you to break out in Bob Dylan songs)

A place
Zell (it’s not only a state of mind, it’s a place!)

A reason to be late
“Great mole rats are surrounding my house!”

Something you shout
“Back up everyone! I’m going to zapazeronlonie.” (when you google this, and I know you will, look at the third listing)


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