Soothsayer. Of Doom!

Someone was telling me about what was happening at work. I told them they’d better stand clear because, if they didn’t, things were not going to go well for them.

Hey, boys and girls! Guess what happened? That’s right! They ignored my seasoned advice and got splattered!

With the rest of the people who were making a problematic stand (it wasn’t a principled stand; it wasn’t a betterment of humanity stand; it was a stupid, petty, selfish stand that benefited no one, not their clients, company, or even other co-workers, other than themselves) he was shit canned.

He came to me and asked how I could so clearly predict the outcome of the event when no one else could.

“I’m Asstradamus! I can foretell when shit’s going to hit the fan.”


One response to “Soothsayer. Of Doom!

  1. Best use of “Ass” in such a way since the infamous “Asstronaut.” Huzzah!

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