“Do you have any kids?”

As you may be aware, in my life, there are no simple questions.

It seems simple, “Do you have any kids?” but it’s the fact that it’s asked by someone who is just killing time sort of bugs me. They may think it’s a nice, friendly, safe question but, if you really don’t care (and why would they?), why bother? I wouldn’t ask them,

“Do you have any kids that you like?”

But that’s a question I’d really like the answer to.

I think one of the reasons I don’t like it is because it doesn’t stop there. They have to make another innocuous comment and it just continues a downward spiral of, for me, boredom. So, I like to get to the end game before something seriously goes wrong.

“Do you have any kids?”


“That’s nice.”

“No big deal. Someone else just fucked my wife.”


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