Do you know. . .

. . .how hardcore Red Sox fans are?

A bomb scare was called into Fenway last night and when they told fans they said,

“Keep playing! We’ll help you look for it after the game.”


3 responses to “Do you know. . .

  1. Hey, I sat in a Boston bar 2 years ago with those fans, and they scared the crap outta me. I can totally believe it.

  2. I’d get it if the Yankees were in town. A real Red Sox fan would sacrifice the entire team of Red Sox for nine Yankees…or even one A-Rod.

  3. We’d dig up Babe Ruth, fill him full of hot dogs and hookers and have him zombie them up into little bits between the National Anthem and the first pitch. And I know, we’ve done it before.

    Well, GG, I’m going to make you feel a little better about fans. Maybe not technically Red Sox fans (although a few of us were there) but what it means to be a genuine fan.

    We were out Tuesday and had a pretty neat experience at The Bleacher Bar under Fenway. I’m working on it now and will put it up Sunday. And, even more shocking, it’ll be serious.

    In the mean time, I’ve got to boil some hot dogs and get some numbers from the ‘escort’ section of the local alternative paper. The Babe’s coming and I’m thinking he’ll be hungry and horny.

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