Random Thoughts

What kind of sin is it to get a hand job on Palm Sunday?

Too much?

Whenever I hear someone who has surrounded a cat say, “Oh, whatcha gonna do now?” The sound I most likely hear next is, “OWWWWWWW!”

There. Fair and balanced.


One response to “Random Thoughts

  1. 1. Setting aside “fornication” issues, it is cool.

    2. The Jews, who wouldn’t participate in any Palm Sunday observances, would only have an issue if you GAVE a hand job…if it was work…but Sundays are cool for them. So…this means you could do it for free any day, but you couldn’t accept/give payment for these services Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.

    Catholics have an entirely different position and use this a a special occasion to give their own “gift” to those special “assistants” manning the alter. But, as long as you have a checkbook, you can be absolved for any such transgressions.

    Maybe I should stop there…before I get us both in trouble…

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