“It’s Only Ten Minutes.”

Even though we all know that’s a lie, ten begets twenty which begets forty which begets beheading, it’s used to squeeze something out of one person for the benefit of another.

Funny how I’m always the former in these discussions, isn’t it?

After explaining that, once the doors are locked, you cannot stay inside a few times here’s when I, unlike Pablo Picasso*, will be called an asshole.

“Come on,” he implored. “Ten minutes won’t kill ya.”

“It would if I used that time to beat you over the head with a bat.”

Geez, here I am, giving a lesson on the relativity of time and I get shit on. It’s not fair, I tell ya.

* Here is the base for that reference for those unknowing.


One response to ““It’s Only Ten Minutes.”

  1. For me, 10 minutes can turn into 3 hours!

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