“Are you, you know?”

Everything was set we were just waiting for the clock to hit the right time and we’d go to work.

So I was milling around talking to some people I know and a few I don’t. Some of the people I didn’t know knew of me so kept a safe distance (liking that) except for one woman who was getting a little close.

She was play/flirting between other conversations. I just rode one conversation into the next checking the clock.

I guess the flirting lady saw the countdown until I was locked in a studio for an hour or so grabbed at the last moment of conversation.

“So, I heard you are, ah, are you, you know, in a sort of committed relationship?”

“Yep.” I say getting off the chair and heading to the control room. “I should be committed and she’s sort of the reason.”

I close the door flipping the “On Air” sign as I pass.


One response to ““Are you, you know?”

  1. I don’t think it is coincidence that those two words share the same spelling.

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