Never let it be said. . .

. . .that I can’t find something good in the worst situation.

Let’s take Tiger’s Woody, ah, Tiger Woods for a moment.

Bad things: mistresses vilified, wife heart-broken, childhoods lost, mother in law hospitalized, car banged up, golf clubs dinged, tree murdered, fire hydrant dented, oh, if you think about it the list is endless.

But, I’m here to find the good in all that bad and that good goes by the name John Gribbin.

What benefit could noted physicist John Gribbin best known for his book In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat gain from this debacle?

396,224 to 2,268.

What is that, you may be asking. That’s the before and after Amazon ranking of his book, Get A Grip On Physics, after it was photographed inside the mangled Escalade.

I’m going to have to start putting copies of my books in the vehicles of famous people. You never know. Mel Gibson gets pulled over again and sitting on the dashboard is a copy of Catless Tales, and, quote Dave Chappelle,

“I’m rich, bitches!”


4 responses to “Never let it be said. . .

  1. Let it not be said Google ain’t quick. I posted this then wanted to check (yeah, I do my fact checking long after the mistress has left the boudoir) the accuracy of the Chappelle quote. Imagine my surprise when I was second on the search list.

    That’s kinda scary but it might be good. If Google can get in there, read my mind and post my crap that would save me a lot of time.

  2. The all powerful Google…it’s how I find my socks in the morning.

  3. You mean putting copies of your books into the crashed-into-the-big-sycamore-on-the-fucking-front-lawn vehicles of celebrities dude. Everyone knows Mel Gibson can’t read. 😦

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