Be Who You Are

Whatever you are, be that. Don’t make excuses. It is what it is. Don’t blame something else. You are what you are. If there’s something about yourself you’d like to fix, like my pals over at No Butts About It, then gawdspeed. But, until you’ve started moving toward gawdspeed, no excuses.

That may seem a harsh bunch of words and you’re right, but, if all you do is bitch about something yet do nothing to fix it, I get a little tired of hearing the same song.

There was a, to quote the great comedian Gabriel Iglesias, fluffy woman yelling while standing in front of me. She was ranting, not for the first time with me, that she couldn’t control her weight due to a thyroid problem. The irony that she was doing this while chomping on some chocolate frosted cake thing was not lost on me.

I knew she wasn’t in the mood to have me do the old Kevin Meaney about just wanting to get a really big tan so I just stood there as she ranted herself red in the face while alternating bites of her tasty snack.

I didn’t know what I was more concerned about. Her ranting so hard something internally popped or how in the world I was going to heimlich her if need be.

I knew I had to say something, even just to distract her. But I really also thought she should seek someone more qualified to speak to so said,

“If that’s true, you really should see someone because you’ve got a serious case of thyroid rage going on.”


6 responses to “Be Who You Are

  1. I’ll only address the Gabriel Iglesias portion of this…

    Fat comics have it so easy.

  2. You’re nothing but an asshole. What makes you think you can say things like thaT? Who gives you the right? I can’t believe you have a job much less people who read your shit.

  3. Sounds like someone needs a hug.

  4. Chris, for you, that was darned tactful!

  5. FINALLY! Someone who really knows me.

  6. Seriously, you have a hater? I mean, you were willing to give her the Heimlich if she accidentally sucked the chocolate cake into a lung. WTF?

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