Workation: Spending your vacation working because the economy sucks so badly you couldn’t hire people throughout the year.

Guy 1: Hey! I hear your off next week! Sounds exciting!

Guy 2: Don’t spin yourself into a tizzy, freak. It’s a workation.

Guy 1: That sucks.

Guy 2: Yeah. I’ve got to stain the deck; clean up the yard; bring in the lawn stuff; tear down the gardens; check the gutters; winterize the vehicles; make sure all the fluids are drained from the summer motorized tools; make sure the winter motorized tools are primed; my neighbor was told I was going to be around so I was volunteered to help him shore up a retaining wall; then, when my mother in law finds out I’m off I know she’ll have. . .

Guy 1: BANG

Woman 1: Oh! My! Gawd! Kenny shot himself! Why would he do that? What were you two talking about?

Guy 2: I was just telling him about my workation.

Woman 1: Workation? That sucks?

Guy 2: Yeah. I’ve got to stain. . .

Paramedic 1: . . .clear the way. Coming through.

Paramedic 1 looks at Guy 1 and sadly nods his head. Paramedic 1 looks at Guy 2.

Paramedic 1: You were telling him about your workation, huh?

Guy 2 sadly averts eye contact while nodding his head.

Paramedic 1 pats Guy 2 on the shoulder.

Paramedic 1: It’s not your fault. I’m seeing more and more of this in my line of work.

So, don’t fret, I’m just going to be busting my ass next week. But I’ve left humorous tidbits from the world of stand-up for your laughing and chuckling pleasure.

So, play nice and don’t break my collection of jelly glasses.


One response to “Workation

  1. cleaning gutters???!! staining decks?!!! winterizing the cars?!!

    stop doggin’ it…..get back behind the counter so we can have more stories about the mouth breathers at the door.

    seriously, hope you at least get to sleep in or get some down time.

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